The castle of Apremont

The whole history of Apremont is wrapped around the steep rock at the top of which the Renaissance dwelling of Philippe Chabot de Brion succeeded a medieval castle.

From the 11th century, on the right bank of the River Vie, existed a fortress with a unique entrance on its North side, while the south side is surrounded by the river.

Philippe Chabot de Brion, Admiral of France, was a childhood friend of the future king François 1st. In 1534, he decided to build a castle in Apremont, where was the medieval fortress. On this site, a large dwelling flanked by two round towers was built..

Dismantled stone by stone in 1743, all that remains of the castle are the ramparts, the beautiful towers and an impressive ramp for horsemen. This ramp dug in the stone made it possible to stage the arrival of the visitors from the banks of the river, making them pass from the shade to the light.

chateau apremont vendée
East tower

Of the Medieval period you can see :

  • The entrance gate, with traces of the drawbridge
  • The wall and its towers on the North and the East side
  • The West curtain wall

Of the Renaissance period you can visit :

  • The West tower and the East tower (access to the floors during guided tours only)
  • The chapel and its exhibition about Philippe Chabot de Brion
  • The cavalier ramp

In the 1960’s, Mr and Mrs Georges Thébault bequeathed their castle to the municipality of Apremont, which is still the owner. Since January, 1st 2020, the Community of Municipalities Vie et Boulogne has taken over its management.