The river Vie

An invaluable resource

The river Vie begins its course in Belleville-sur-Vie. winds through several villages and flows into the ocean in Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie.

Gently flowing through meadows downstream of Apremont, its banks are quite uneasy to access, but fishermen will appreciate numerous species of fishes.

5 fishes most caught : pike, pike-perch, perch, carp, white fish species (roach, bream, bleak)

These rich waters attract many species of birds such as

  • kingfisher,
  • little egret
  • or grey heron,
  • and even the rare European otter.

The lake of Apremont

Since 1966 the dam of Apremont forms a lake of 166 hectares, one of the biggest of the Vendée and an important migratory stopover

for various birds :

  • ducks,
  • sandpipers,
  • yellowlegs,
  • lapwings,
  • curlews…

At the end of summer, when the water is very low, you can observe shorebirds, spoonbills and sterns.