Le Moulin à Elise (Elise’s Mill)

A real 19th century’s water mill.

Situated in Le Poiré-sur-Vie, this mill built in 1867 was entirely renovated in the early 2000s by the members of the Moulin à Elise Association, created in 1998.

In 1867, Jean Tenailleau decided to build a water mill in his meadow of La Verdonnière, trough whiwh the river Ruth flows. This construction forced the diversion of the river.

The original building contained only a part of the present mill (the main room). The provision of water from the slope is of medium importance. About 1900, the second room of the mill was built to install a steam engine, so that the mill works even during “dry” periods.

Inside the mill

At the beginning of the 2nd World War, industrial mills replaced water-mills. In 1954, the owners definitely gave up the activity.

Years later, at the initiative of the Mayor Léon Darnis, the municipality of Le Poiré-sur-Vie bought the mill. In 1998, the Elise’s mill was in a very bad state. A long renovation process then began: 200 hours of dismantling and reassembly as well as 300 hours for the manufacture of the wheel. This work has restored the mill to its 1900s appearance.

Volunteer millers

Volunteer millers, member of the Association du Moulin à Elise, explain to visitors the processing of wheat into flour on Sunday afternoon from april to october (free guided visit).

First floor of the mill

The Parc du Moulin à Élise

The mill is surrounded by a wooded park offering a multitude of activities for all. Near the park, you will find a restaurant that uses flour from the mill to make its pancakes !

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