The river Boulogne

The river which gives its name to the commune of Les Lucs-sur-Boulogne has its source in Boulogne, a village in the Vendée. It flows into the Grandlieu Lake, one of the largest lakes in France.

The river Boulogne

The river Boulogne and its park, between history and nature.

The Boulogne’s park is protected as a Sensitive Natural Area. These 16 hectares extend over the wooded hillsides of Les Lucs-sur-Boulogne, on either side of the Boulogne river.

On the banks of La Boulogne, relax in the shade of the American red oaks and field maples. Listen carefully and you may hear the songs of the common wagtail and the hoopoe. A small path leads you to the wooded hillside with old oak and chestnut trees.

On the outskirts of the park, you can visit the Historial de la Vendée, the Memorial and the chapel of Petit Luc.

The Chapels’s path

Starting from the Historial de la Vendée, this trail will take you to places marked by history from Les Lucs-sur-Boulogne to Saint-Étienne-sur-Bois.

On your way, you will come across the Chapelle du Petit Luc, which was indelibly marked by the Vendée Wars. Built in 1866 on the site of the choir of the former church of Notre Dame du Petit Luc, it was destroyed on 28 February 1794 by the Republican armies.

The Petit Luc’s Chapel